You have Wood for my Sheep?

For this weekend, we have visitors thru’ Hospitality Club again.
They are a couple from Poland (well actually, he is American, but lives in Poland) and they are here for Essen Game Fair “Spiel 2007” which is taking place right now.
We are kind of perfect as a location for the Fair, as it is only about 10 Minutes walk from here.
For a treat, we were invited along to the fair today and I was amazed how huge it is.
All of the different Fair Hangars were full of People presenting their games (and of course, even more people looking at all of these games!!). And what games there are!!
I am truly speechless.
The guy on the photo is actually nobody i am personally acquainted with. We ran into each other and i asked him to take his picture because I loved his shirt. Catan is one of my favourite games and I cannot account for how many times I have already used the phrase he is presenting.
Anyways, we spent a whole amazing day at the fair and we were exhausted when we got home.
We bought 2 new games while we were there: “Zug um Zug – Märklin Edition” (the English title of the game is “Ticket to Ride”) and Stratego, a favourite of our childhoods – well at least a favourite of that husband of mine…. 😀

There is lots more to see!

Be vigilant!

Love, Rapunzel

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