Towel Day

In order to be well prepared for this years Towel Day and to have a suitable WarCry for upcoming personal challenges, I have started a little project, that will make the Hoopy Froods amongst my readers become very ultra Hoopycool and chilled out Froods.

There are not that many towels well suited to interstellar travel. And the ones that do exist, are not particularly pretty. Since interstellar travelling and survival  within galaxies on the whole is of mortal danger, there isn’t really a safe AND stylish way of travel. So far, that is. But here comes: the R4PUN2EL Towelling Range.

I transformed plain Jane bathroom towels into ultra-handy weapons of wonder for the interstellar tourist. This, of course, is pretty important as, should you be confronted in outer space by its enormous distances and mysterious mysteries, you should be well aware of where your towel is.

If you are confused by all this, you have probably not read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – I would suggest you close that educational gap…

Now you may praise me, cheer me on, share this text, tell me jealously that you would love such a towel for yourselves, and whatever happens, you may forever keep the following in your Hearts: Don’t Panic!

And as always: Stay vigilant. I will always think of something else.


Autor: R4PUN2EL

I am the Alternative Ending; Ironic Maiden, Metamathematician, Polaroid Developer, Law Bender,

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