Stirnlampenlauf Essen (Headlamp Run, maybe?)

yeah, you heard right, it was the very first official Headlamp Run (distance roughly 7
Kilometers) in Essen.
Only condition, you had to wear a headlamp for this nocturnal running event. There were no winner or loser medals but special prizes for best illumination.

I only went along for the usual reason: Bag and Clothes Administrator for the usual suspects (although Andrè did not come along).

The picture shows Riebiesel and his colleague Anja (who, incidentally, became first female finisher – but nobody apart from me noticed).
The event was very cosy and small with a large number of participants being acquainted and nevertheless curious to meet new people. We felt very welcome and the atmosphere was grand. A little unfortunate was the choice of musical entertainment. For the first five minutes I thought it was someone making jokes with the microphone… but it became very clear very soon, that this guy had actually been hired to perform this gruesome act. I will spare the details… but nevertheless, I will try and obtain the Name and Adress of the guy, so I can stay away from future gigs of his.

I can only advise you, too, to remain vigilant!

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