Some Ikea Hacking

I was unhappy with a part of our living room. We had left a gap between some of our Billy shelves to house our stereo systems and stuff.

Over the past few years, we have replaced all our HiFi components with much smaller equipment and soon, instead of a receiver, DVD player, CD player and whatever, there will only be our amp and a Mini PC to handle our audio-visuals.

So, the massive empty space gave opportunity for improvement. First, i checked out all the different options for Gap filling, and decided that, when only listening to music at night or watching a movie on the beamer, some mellow indirect light would be a ‘nice to have’.

So this is what I aimed for. Riebiesel seemed happy enough with the idea – especially a I promised to solve the light situation around his turntable in the same go.

So, this is what we did, and: only because Riebiesel is the only one in the pictures that seems to do any work, please take note, that i could not really photograph myself at work, since i have no tripod for my mobile.

I hope you enjoy the change and the result as much as we do.

Stay vigilant!

Autor: R4PUN2EL

I am the Alternative Ending; Ironic Maiden, Metamathematician, Polaroid Developer, Law Bender,

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  1. Wow – that looks neat 🙂 I like it … although i think, that optical media is dead and that the shelf space used up by all the cds is wasted 😉

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