Shopping Fever

I spent most of the day doing valuable things like meeting my friends for a nice, sunny Sunday Brunch in the City Center.
And afterwards, of course, Markus and I went to the sports club. In order not to disturb the yet undigested breakfast, I went all the way up to the roof terrace and had a soak up of sun and a tiny peek at the sunday papers. This is the life! Whenever relaxing became to relaxing, I just went down for a spot of sauna. AAAAAh.
In the afternoon, I got home and Ebay was already waiting for me. On Saturday, we had been windowshopping and I knew exactly what I wanted to get. I am really proud of getting this new pair of Levis 501 in dark blue for an amazing 1.99€ plus p&p. I also bought another 501, a pair of Wranglers, an ISDN telephone system, a pair of way cool headphones for Elisa and I spent not more than 55€ incl. postage. (Just for comparison: the Wranglers I originally liked most while shopping in town were to be 80€, now I got them and all the other stuff, too – for a fraction)
Still, I again have not won the lottery..
As you can see, it sometimes pays to Be Vigilant!


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