Rügen at Sunrise

For the end of May and the first few days of June, my sister and I decided to drive to the island of Rügen to visit our parents on their holiday.
They had miraculously obtained an upgrade for a two double bedroom luxury apartment in Binz – roughly a stones throw from the beach. What very good reason to drive all night on Friday to be there bright and early on Saturday.
As it happened, we arrived in Binz right in time for Sunrise. I had quite forgotten how beautiful it looks when the sun goes up by the seaside·

The whole mini holiday was a perfect idea. There was not a single cloud in sight for the whole time we were there. We fell asleep in the sun on the first day (we were tired from the long drive) so we got ourselves a somewhat reddish suntan …
I am quite impressed by the Baltic Sea. The first time I had been there was in winter of 1992, in St. Petersburg. It was 25°C below. I nearly lost my ears to the wind.
But Rügen in Summer is lovely. Just enough wind. The water is refreshing and life is just very relaxed. This will not be the last time I went there 🙂

Stay vigilant!


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