New Features in Deutsche Bahn Network Information

Today, under the subtitle “Astonishing Discoveries”, I finally found the displays of Deutsche Bahn Network information.
Admittedly, i found out only by accident, when i thought how strangely this lady behaved. She continuously jerked her head and fell over on the moving train. This distracted me from reading my book. Subsequently, I lost my patience with her. Then, i realised what she was up to and that this was in no way an easy quest.

Later, when getting off the train, i paid attention to the details. This was in no way a Bahn employee with a sense of humour. They actually hung their network maps right under the ceiling on purpose. If you want to know where youre going, where youre coming from and what is to be expected at your destination… you too will have to jerk your head and keep falling over on a moving train.

The world is a wonderous place. The Deutsche Bahn world especially so.

What remains to be said: Be vigilant!


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