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Guess, who parked in my road today…

Seriously. I was in a rather foul mood when I returned from work. And I had just come home to be greeted by superhubby with words like: “lets go do some shopping for groceries”. This did nothing to improve my mood.
When i got to the corner of the road, i realised the bike was flat – so i had to turn round, and pump it up. f****jfaöitv

So I got to the corner a second time. This time in a REALLY seriously foul mood. And whom do I meet? Mr. Generation Golf 2.0 with a numberplate for insurance clerks and Hoover salesmen.
(Did I mention that the stolen bike isn’t covered, because the insurance guy f****ed it up?)

Anyways, this car I took a picture of. We need to evaluate how frequently it turns up in the neighbourhood, in order to assess the future value of our home.

Be vigilant!

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