My very first entry

Hi there,

today is the first day i am writing in English out of my job in about 5 years!! (There are very few exceptions to this!!)

This is also the first time, I blog.

I hope I am doing good, as i have not really been a constant reader of other peoples blogs. (There are few exceptions to this, also!!)

So, about me: i am really into technology and i am envious about myself because, had I had this amount of tech when i was young, i would have really dug. *gg*

Anyways, now, i have a job to contain and a relationship to ship and a kid to kid… so wow. I am gonna have to find time to blog. And sincerely, i hope, not to bore.

So this is what’s supposedly going to happen:
– I am hoping to continue this blog to document a little of what is important to me (gave up keeping diary 7 years ago and hating myself for it).
– I am also hoping to post a few pictures of things that happen along the way.
Again: OHMIGOD wouldnt it have been great to have had these medial opportunities when I was little. I would have been in heaven then!! (but then again, i feel like i am in heaven now!!!)
– Want to keep my rail travel a special point of interest in this blog – i am covering the same commuting track 5 days a week and even in this little space between Essen-Dortmund-Essen there is so much to survive each day…. it might be fun (?) to talk about. …

Oh well. Futile to talk about things that may be. Let’s see what becomes.

Be vigilant.

Blood and Gore,


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I am the Alternative Ending; Ironic Maiden, Metamathematician, Polaroid Developer, Law Bender,

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