Morning Survival Kit

This is the kit that saves my day. Riding trains in Germany is not remotely a comparable situation as it is in London. People generally talk about all unappetising details of their lives and ailments, to their seat neighbours, their friends, on the fone or to themselves. Nobody even has so much as heard of the reading of newspapers or books. It is really bugging me. So i carry around a little moose (Elvis) to console me. Also, I always carry a good book. And, in the mornings, I get myself a cup of coffee from Essen Hauptbahnhof. (The guy there charges me only every other day or so…. that is quite nice of him :-D)

Be vigilant!

Autor: R4PUN2EL

I am the Alternative Ending; Ironic Maiden, Metamathematician, Polaroid Developer, Law Bender,

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