Mind The Gap

Yesterday, I went to visit my family spontaneously. After work, I just felt like it was the right thing to do. So I went on the epic journey.
When I arrived, it turned out, that my mum and dad were very eager to have a long chat with me about all the thing that had been happening in their lives since I’d last been there (15th July). I patiently sat through the session and filled them in on my life as well.
Later in the afternoon, my mom was very stern about having to show me the back garden. I was really surprised about the gap that emerged.
Forever I can remember, there used to be this little crooked house in view from the back of our shed. And now it’s gone! Vanished. Not there.
I took a foto. Have a look. To you the view will probably not seem strange. But let me tell you: I never knew our neighbours house was wooden framework on the sides as well as at front and back *gg*.

So it goes.

Be vigilant!


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