Humour on the Cycling Track

This is what I encountered on a cycling tour. The track is right in the middle of nowhere, connecting one hill village to another hill village a little further up – all in all one has to master maybe 80m in height over a distance of maybe 2 or 2.5 kilometers. This means that the track is kind of slightly hard until you get to the two or three places where it is downright difficult.
The foto shows one of the places where it was “difficult”. The track is covered in rough rubble and it is hard to show the slope in the picture. But i promise that it is a steep climb for someone like me (unused to the terrain and slightly overweight *gg*).
The track is by far to narrow for cars but still someone had the sense of humour to put up a speed limit.
Unfortunately, the speedometer on my bike is not working right now. So I can only guess and hope that I did not evade the law on this particular point.

Be vigilant! Stick to the limit!


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