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Today, i finished work early, there was just no point in staying on. Someone from the Telephone Hospital phoned me to tell me that my mobile was repaired and ready to be picked up. So, what could keep me at work?

I rushed out at roughly 3pm and made my way by bike from Dortmund Airport to Dortmund Train Station.
When i got there, I had the irritating experience, that the guy next to me did not answer his phone for ages. It took me a while to realise, that the thing that was ringing was actually my very own replacement mobile phone. How embarrassing. But I picked up in the end.

As was to be expected, someone talked to me. What was not to be expected is, that the lady who called explained to be in predicament. She had some serious accommodation trouble and needed to spend a night or two in Essen. Could I help spontaneously? OK, I told her. she can come over and spend the night at our house. (We are members of Hospitality Club – you sublet your sofa for a night or two to travelling people from all over the place in return for a place to crash whenever you are travelling yourselves.)
So anyway, I told her she could come and stay and she needn’t bring anything but herself and a toothbrush. So now we organised our place to accommodate someone nice and prepared a cosy welcome. I lit loads of candles and prepared some Lentil Stew. I hope, she feels welcome after a chaotic day. 🙂

As for you guys; there is loads happening: Be vigilant!


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