Hexagon Flowers Crochet Blanket (Instructions included)


I am currently working on a large bedspread completely made entirely hexagonal crochet granny squares.
The individual hexagons are about 9-10 cm in diameter and each one takes approximately 20-25mins to make.

The project was started as I came to realize that I had massive amounts of sock yarn leftovers that have piled up over the years. In order to keep the project from getting out of control, I use the monocromes and greens which suit my interior best.

If you would like to join in starting on your own project, you can find yourself some hexagon instructions on the interwebs or feel free to use mine:

Generally note that
a) the first double crochet (DC) of each round consists of 3 chain stitches (CS),
b) all rounds are closed with a slip stitch.

To accentuate the flower pattern, there are colour changes in Round 3 and Round 5.

1. Round – cast on 5 chain stitches (CS)
2. Round – First double crochet of the round is 3 chain stitches, and then crochet into the ring 1 DC *1CS, 2DC* – repeat  * to * 5 further times – 1 CS 
3. Round – *2 DC, 1 CS, 2 DC* in each of the CS arches of the previous round.
4. Round – Crochet 7 DC In each CS arch of round 3.
5. Round  – Place 1 SC  in each of the 7 DC of round 4, and 1 DC, which is set into the 3rd round (creating a bordering between each of the petals) You can watch the creation of a group of 6 flowerpetals
6. Round – crochet 1 DC into each of the SC, apart from the one in the middle of each petal. Here you crochet 1DC, 1CS, 1DC in order to create the hexagonal shape. 

For my pattern i have decided to keep the 6th Round entierely in the same nuance (grey) so as to bring a more subtle calm to the motif. – This is only possible,if you have especially large amounts of a particular colour, or, if you are content with buying specific colour(s) especially for the project at hand. 

I hope, you can follow my instructions… I dont have much experience in writing a HowTo. If you have any request or even hints and tipps: I’ll be there for you.

And as usual: Stay vigilant. This is a busy place. 

I am the Alternative Ending; Ironic Maiden, Metamathematician, Polaroid Developer, Law Bender,

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I am the Alternative Ending; Ironic Maiden, Metamathematician, Polaroid Developer, Law Bender,

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