Glückaufhaus Essen

I have some impressions here from a cold and sunny sunday lunchtime walk around our neighbourhood. The Glückaufhaus is the place where the miners after a hard weeks work used to go to collect their wages in cash. Usually, collecting their money made them head straight to the pubs. This seems to be the reason, why around the place you can find some big, old and very reputable 😉 pubs.

The building is being demolished – but as the German National Heritage Institute has a claim on the buildings face, they were forced to keep the fronts alive. So what is happening now is really interesting: The building is constructed inside out. The face is still standing. I might go there on every other sunday to catch up with the progress!!

As i am living not 10minutes walk away from this place, i was really surprised and happy to find this really cool webcam – I cannot find a modality to broadcast it here, so you might want to click 🙂

The word Glückauf is a traditional greeting in this neck of the woods. Miners would say this when going down on the shift. It means “Luck Up” translating to something along the lines as “I hope to see you again with luck back up here.”

And this is quite similar to what I would like to say to you right now.

Be vigilant!



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