Eating Chips in Holland

Today, we went to Holland for a bag of chips. This is not usually what we do to maintain a balanced diet. But sometime you have to juggle a bit to keep a balanced soul.
Also, while we were abroad, we bought a lot of dutch vegetables, some yummy licorice, our weekly groceries, the obious fruitcake to keep Markus happy and of course: medicine. In Holland you can get things like Aspirin and Strepsils etc. in a normal shop for a normal sort of price. In Germany you have to go to a pharmacy and pay double or more.
We arrived back home to our flat being just as we left it. Wouldn’t it be great, if that place decided to clean itself for once? Also, the cats are useless at keeping things tidy. Lazy buggers.
Gotta go. There is some real Dutch redwine waiting for me: they imported it from Chile.
Be vigilant.

Blood and Gore!


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