This year, easter for me was rather figure friendly. I got no chocolate whatsoever. Instead, i was presented with several Graffiti Eastereggs. Riebisel took the trouble again of stalking around to take actual photos… and ShaniaEve, who lives in Munich and cannot walk around Essen to snap fotos for me, did her research on the internet. So what i received from her were two links to someone who is aparently sharing my passion – if not only for eggs but rather all different kinds of graffiti. Nice one.

I will post my goodies here. Usually, I dont do that but its a special occasion to receive so many Eier all at the same time 🙂

Autor: R4PUN2EL

I am the Alternative Ending; Ironic Maiden, Metamathematician, Polaroid Developer, Law Bender,

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