Castle Holiday

This weekend I went to the Wewelsburg to meet some very dear friends, I know from a forum I frequently write in. We have so much in common and a good time reading each others posts, so we thought, it was about time to meet up.

The castle was a perfect location for that. They have a Youth Hostel there and the place is right in the middle between all of us. On the photo, you will not find me as I am the one taking the picture.
We had a phantastic afternoon and evening. It was sad, that we all had to leave early. I could have easily spend another day in this company. The youth hostel told us that we had paid a little too much for our accomodation and as they thought it was too much hassle to send it back to my bank account, they have instructed us to drink some wine there instead. We obliged. 🙂

There are some dark spots in the History of the Wewelsburg. I have been to this castle a few times already. During the Third Reich, the SS was going to make this place “the centre of the world”. All very sinister and some of the Nazi past is still preserved within the building. There is also a museum documenting this part of history. But we did not come for this, and for once i am really glad we didn’t.

Stay vigilant!


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