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( I gained more and more inspiration to go out and do something about our bedroom.
After moving to the new house in 2005, we got rid of our beloved waterbed and were up to now sharing a 140cm bed with a single mattress. This was not really enough space for the two of us so we started taking turns on the sofa. Not really a desirable situation.
For this years tax return we decided to get a new waterbed… but with that decision the initial problem returned: the waterbed will be too long for the room and we wouldnt be able to open the wardrobe doors.

So the room needed to be changed round and some of our wardrobes had to go…
Once i had removed the wardrobes we were going to relocate, another problem appeared that i had totally forgotten about: The wall slopes backwards, so that at the top there is about 15cm of gap between the wardrobes and the wall. This means, that when lying down, you would be able to look into this gap. Not very appealing.
But I was determined to get this project going, so I develloped a nifty workaround. Right now it still looks a bit bare…. but once the new bed is delivered, we will sit down (lie down) together and work on the additional cozyness!!

Watch this space 🙂 …or see the whole story here:

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