Baum Mode / My Tree Fashion Project

[“due to popular demand” i am translating my TreeFashion post into English. Here goes: ]

……it really is like this: Outside it’s getting cooler, the trees turn naked and nobody cares. ..But me.

Some time ago, i saw pictures on the Internet of trees that were wearing knitted sweaters. Since then, this image took grasp of me. A really long time has passed since but it was like hynosis. I was fixed. I had to do something!

For a long time, I had no chance to get involved, because of , yeah, lack of time.. But now – now a whole new measure of time is starting for me personally. And since this is so, i have decided to make time to live my dreams.

The fact that I love Twitter has already been mentioned: And also for this purpose asking around in the Twitter community brought along success: A Twitter friend from Oberhausen @naturtipps read my request for spare wool and gave me a huge bag full of leftover knitting projects to work with. Also in her pack of goodies was a 1970’s knitting machine…. unfortunately the Slide is missing (does anyone own a Brother710 oder 705 ?)

No matter, i knitted the whole lot by hand then, which i am rather quick at, too. And getting ready quickly was one of the goals. I am an impatient soul after all! 🙂

A few days ago, one of my best friends from my youth and childhood was here for a visit and wanted to know “what I was doing to keep busy” .. full of enthusiasm, I explained my knitting for trees project and earned rolling eyes and sarcasm from both him and his wife. That was kind of demoralising for me and I was short of giving up. But somehow I was kind of in love with my project. And i was also unsure whether I explained the Tree Fashion good enough. Imagination does not come easy to all of us. 🙂

But then, two of my friends @k_laydo and @derleereraum managed to hike up my morale high enough to get started again..

Oh well. I stuck by the plan and the more knitting I got done, the more sense the project started to make for me. And Halloween was the perfect night to get the project moving: There are enough weirdly dressed guys about to make two tree huggers look inconspicuous. 😀

And it worked out just like that. Nobody asked us what we were doing. They hardly even looked at us – although we were on a big ladder working on an even bigger tree and wrapping the latter into colourful textiles.

I find it especially wonderful, that the trees move a bit more into perspective. Normally, city trees are not being acknowledged as we pass them – their presence a given fact. But now, so bare of leaves with the beautifully coloured trunk they are earning full focus. Whatever it does. This knitting project is really doing me well right now.
And as always: remain vigilant!

There is more to come!!

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