Due to the complicated family situation we are experiencing, we have the rare luxury of being in command of a car for the time being.

And since that is so and we need a change of scenery quite urgently, we collected the little people and went for a daytrip to Holland.

First, we went to Bergen an Zee, which is a really pretty place by the seaside …. it was really stormy and magical.
We spent the late morning by the beach and in the wonderful dune landscape that is beside the beach.

What was most surprising is, that while at the beach it was so stormy, that walking was difficult and talking only possible if you were close together and spoke in the right direction – in the dunes it was dead calm and as if you were somewhere completely different.

We enjoyed that immensely and walked and walked and walked. Afterwards we walked a little more and then we decided to go to Amsterdam.

I had not been to Amsterdam for over 10 years and it changed as much as it stayed the same. 🙂 Great stuff. Parking fees are extortionate, by the way!
One of the most important and traditional things Germans do, when in Holland is to go and get a bag of chips “speciaal” (which means with ketchup, mayonnaise and chopped onions on top). Of course, we were not an exception. We enjoyed a wonderful chilly but sunny afternoon and we walked along with our chips. Bitching about the tourists while completely disregarding, that we were the tourists ourselves. GREAT stuff 🙂
For now, that’s all there is to know about this.

Remain vigilant. See you in Holland!


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