After Nibelungen Triathlon there’s Fish Curry

We got up really early this morning to go to Xanthen for the
Nibelungen Triathlon. We aparently had a date there with Markus’ workmate. He never showed up, though. Usually, we go to sports events only, if Markus or someone we know takes part but not this time. We just showed up.
It was organised really well. I can tell, because I have now been to many of these events and its either OK for the athletes or its OK for the spectators… but this event was just good for everyone. Only the coffee was a bit too expensive 🙂
When it turned out that Markus’ colleague was not going to show up and the weather was not about to improve, we went back home. There was still some fish and some sweet potatoes in the fridge – so I decided to make us a wonderful curry of that. And I did. It turned out really yummy. I got two recipes off the web. One for fish+coconut curry and one for sweet potato curry. I combined the two sensibly. What a good decision. I posted a photo of the result. Sadly, the delicious smell doesnt come across well. So that’s that.
Remain vigilant!


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